3 Things You Think About Men That Are Totally Wrong

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One of the biggest issues that most women have is their looks. And this is simply because of the impossibly high standards that the magazine industry has set using models on their covers and in their stories.

You may not think that it affects you but a large amount of insecurity can be developed from this overtime. It comes in many shapes and forms such as thinking you’re too old, you’re too young, you’re a bit on the plus size, you’re too short, or maybe you even think you’re ugly (if you do then stop this moment).

With all of these possible thoughts running around in our minds many of us feel helpless in attracting someone to fill what seems like a huge hole in our hearts. Fortunately this isn’t the case and with that in mind let’s go over a few misconceptions that we have about men.

Misconception #1

Looks Are The Only Thing That Matters To Men

Many women think you have to be extraordinarily good-looking to attract the man. All I would ask you to do is to look around at different couples as you every day and look at some of the handsome man that ordinary looking women have on their arm. In short, it’s always best to look your best, but is not as important to be drop-dead gorgeous when you want to meet someone.

Understand that you have complete control over how you present yourself, but you can’t really control or change the looks that you’re born with. By presenting yourself in the most positive light with the clothes you wear, how fix your hair and how you smell can be much more powerful attractors for men than looks (seriously).

Just keep in mind that even the most average looking woman can make herself extremely attractive when they control these things.

Misconception #2

Men Know What Our Insecurities Are By Just Looking At Us

Because we know ourselves better than anyone else ever will, it is easy for us to magnify what we perceive as flaws in ourselves. Perhaps you think your boobs are not big enough, or maybe your butt is too big, or that your nose isn’t as perfect as you would like it. All of these things can affect how you feel about yourself. And because you think of yourself that way you think that everyone else thinks of you that way also.

But what you have to understand is that what you see as flaws many men will see as perfect. For instance, if you feel that you’re only average looking and you have red hair, your red hair can be a powerful attracting force to men who specifically like red hair – regardless of your facial features. The reason is that red haired to those particular men IS beautiful and therefore makes YOU beautiful regardless if your average looking or not.

Insecurity affects almost all of us, and by pointing out these insecurities to him in order to try to defuse whatever it is you feel uncomfortable about with yourself only serves to point out something that may not have been noticed by him in the first place.

You’ve heard the saying always focus on the positive? Nothing can be more true when meeting a man for the first time.

Misconception #3

Good Looking Women Have It Easy

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that women have about each other. There are many beautiful women to sit home night after night with the same feelings that you have and wanting to meet a man to start building their life with.

The problem many good-looking women have is that men are afraid to approach them because they are good-looking. For some reason these good looks can intimidate a man and prevent him from asking a woman out that he is attracted to.

You also have to realize that good-looking women have many of the same insecurities that average looking women also have. Being a good-looking woman can have its advantages, but you have to understand that good-looking women have the same issues just like the rest of us.

If a woman sees a man that she’s interested in that has the same physical body type, in many cases a woman will be drawn to him because of physical features make her feel good. However, those good feelings can quickly fade if the man’s personality is not a good match to her own.

In another case if woman is attracted to a man that is not of the same body type but he makes her feel good by what he says then she will begin to experience those feelings of fun and excitement and will be attracted to him.

Attractions can be about looks – but deep attraction for both men and women is about making the other person feel good and wanting to be around you.



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