Can You Really Attract Men By Just Using Your Eyes?

In a word…Yes!

Here are some really easy ways you can easily use to make yourself more attractive to men by simply using your eyes.

Look, many times you might be too nervous to approach an attractive man simply because of the amount of uncertainty that we all feel at one time or another. And if you think about it… you probably have 10 or 20 questions that run through your mind immediately when you see someone that you’d to meet.

I’m not a mind-reader, but you’ll probably wonder…

1. Am I his type?
2. Does he already have a girlfriend?
3. Will he find me attractive or not?
4. Will he be open to talking to me?

…just to name a few things that will probably pop into your mind.

More questions may pop in your mind because it’s simply human nature when we become nervous about a situation.

As mentioned earlier, this happens because of the uncertainty of any given situation you may find yourself in. Some of these thoughts in your head may make you afraid because you think the outcome could be a negative one and you don’t know how a particular man might respond to you.

So here is a little trick that can help remove some of that uncertainty before you make your approach to him. It’s very easy and anyone can do it and it will help remove the fear and uncertainty you might feel.

The eyes can tell a lot about person. And when making eye contact with a man that man will feel compelled in some way to respond if you’re looking at him. So the thing you’re going to do is to use eye contact to find out if the man is receptive to meeting you prior to you making your approach to him.

Here’s what you can do the next time you see a man that you’d like to meet.

Simply look at him without looking away even if he is not looking at you at that moment. Keep your eyes locked on him because people have the tendency to be aware of their surroundings and continually look around. Eventually he will see you looking at him and will respond to you in either a positive or negative way.

If it’s a positive response the man will lock eyes with you and then you need only do one thing…and that is to smile at him.

If he smiles back at you then he is open to meeting you and you should make an approach immediately before you start rationalizing to yourself about why you shouldn’t go up and talk to him. Really all you need to do after he smiles at you is to say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself and let the conversation steer itself from there.

If he locks his gaze with yours and you smile and he does not smile back at you then you should move on. In most cases this means that he is not interested – however it is entirely possible that he could just be very shy.

This eye contact technique can be used almost anywhere but can be especially used in low-key places like laundromats, libraries, coffee shops or grocery stores. This technique may or may not be effective in clubs or bars because of the low amount of light these types of places usually have.

Other ways you can find out if a man is attracted to you by using the eyes is to see if his pupils dilate when you’re talking to him. Dilated pupils indicate that there is an attraction to you because this response is unconscious.

However, if you are in a dimly lit room the pupils will already be dilated to let more light in. Also if a man is using drugs or drunk the pupils will already be dilated so be sure to take this into account especially if he seems a little ‘off’.

Another indication of a man being attracted to you is for him to scan you head to toe. This is a huge signal to you that he is definitely interested. And if you think about it women do the exact same thing with men they are interested in.

So when you make eye contact with a man you’re interested in watch his eyes to see if they flicker down over your body. If they do, this then this is a signal to you that he is interested in you and it’s okay for you to approach him – especially if after scanning your body he smiles at you.

It is possible to easily miss this signal from men that you haven’t noticed in the room yet, so be aware when you enter a room you have not previously been in.

These simple eye contact techniques are just a few ways you can use to attract that gorgeous man you have your eyes on! And by using them you should easily be able to tell whether a he is interested in you or not.

Get out there and try it right now!



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