Dressing to Look Vibrant, Attractive and Younger

You have certainly been dressing for years, and over that time you have likely done a marvelous job of picking out the best outfits. However, everyone seems to completely miss the mark when it comes to radiating youthfulness through clothing. The goal is to compliment you.

Of course, you will want to avoid baggy or neutral clothing because those will leave you giving off a dull and unattractive vibe. You want fitted clothing that seems to fit your build perfectly.

However, you must be creative in this department when it comes to color and design. All your clothing doesn’t have to include intricate designs. Just wear what is natural as far as design goes. Just make sure you avoid wearing dark tones because they will bring out imperfections.

Try blues, pinks, and if you enjoy the darker colors feel free to experiment with lighter blacks that compliment softer tones. Keep in mind that some pinks and blues might be just a little too intense so don’t be afraid to mess around with pieces of clothing that just seem to draw you in with their very attractive color that is not too dull or too bright.




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