Here’s How You Can Turn Up The Heat With Someone You Just Met and Reaaaaally Like

Here’s How You Can Turn Up The Heat With Someone You Just Met and Really Like

Are you one of those women who think that chemistry between a man and a woman just happens? If you are, then the truth may really surprise you.

There may be that initial spark when meeting a man for the first time, however there are plenty of things you can do to turn up the heat and make it burn. But to do this you have to understand exactly what chemistry is first place.

If you’ve ever felt a strong chemistry with another person you know that it would be a very difficult thing to describe what it is to another person that hasn’t experienced it before. Many people describe chemistry as a feeling between two people that make them feel like they were meant to be together.

It basically comes down to being completely at ease with each other and having an extremely strong physical attraction to each other. It may well have a lot to do with the physical appearance as well as pheromones but in reality most of it is in your mind.

It comes from both of you having many of the same dreams, having the same belief systems, and possibly even having the same habits.

In order to the fan the flames between you, you will need to build a rapport and one of the easiest ways you can do this is by finding conversation topics that the two of you can make a connection over. The main thing is to ensure that these topics of conversation are about something pleasant and something that is low stress and not about something that is controversial or radical.

Another great way to bond is by using humor and making him laugh. Face it, it makes us feel comfortable with another person and laughing is flat out just plain fun. Just make sure you keep your humor clean in order to avoid offending the guy you’re with and only spice it up later (if that’s your kind of humor) once you get to know him better and find out if that type of humor is appealing to him or not.

It is important to express yourself in order for man to get to really know you. As mentioned previously, this can be done through both conversation as well as humor. But it is very important to be yourself because pretending to be someone else as you are getting to know one another will lead to a possible failure of the relationship you’re trying to develop. The truth always comes out of who you really are so why take a chance by trying to be someone else?

Another way to further ignite the chemistry between you and the guy you’re attracted to is by being slightly physical with him –  such as using a gesture as simple as touching him on his arm or his knee during a conversation or when you’re laughing together. You don’t want to overdo this because one of the things you are trying to accomplish is to increase the anticipation of more involved physical touching as your relationship develops.

Lastly, there have been studies that have shown that couples who meet in exciting situations whether or not they are pleasurable, seem to find each other more attractive. This is because the mind will associate excitement with the person you are experiencing that excitement with and enhance the physical attraction and vice versa. You can use this to your advantage by going on dates that can provide adrenaline rushes such as amusement parks with roller coasters, going to exciting or scary movies, or something even something like parasailing.

Let your mind run wild with the different possibilities of different date ideas like this and it will help you and how to be attractive to men.



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