Simple Things You Can Do For Your Body to Look, Feel & Be Young & Energetic!

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Perhaps the most important tip for maintaining a vibrant and overall youthful look no matter what is to eat the rainbow. You have likely heard “taste the rainbow.” This is an entirely different thing. Eating the rainbow means eating various fruits and vegetables that are essentially every color of the rainbow.

For example, one day you might eat some green kale, which is incredibly high vitamin K and then enjoy some orange carrots, which are extremely high in vitamin A. If you are going from color to color you never get tired of the same food, and your body never gets tired of absorbing new nutrients day-after-day.

Keep in mind that both fruits and vegetables are for the most part comprised of nothing other than vitamins. This is particularly the case with vegetables, which have almost no carbs or calories.

Fruits are a lot higher in carbs, so that is really the only thing holding you back from going on a rampage and eating fruit non-stop. Typically people say 2 cups of fruit and 2 cups of vegetables, but as previously mentioned there is no limit holding you back when it comes to vegetables.

Some people even deliberately eat two or three times as many vegetables as they are supposed to simply because they know there will be a 100% positive reaction from the body.

The macro-nutrient that has not been mentioned is fat.

Fat sounds bad, and it certainly has a bad connotation surrounding it thanks to all the people saying “if you eat fat you will get fat.” That is just not true. You will get fat if you fail to see that fat has nine calories per gram as opposed to 4. In other words, fat is critical for maintaining a healthy and overall youthful body but should be thought of as being a little different because calories from fat are going to add up twice as fast as calories from protein and carbs.

Try to keep the grams of fat per day under 65 unless you are really active or if a close family member/dietician tells you that you are in need of more than that. Believe it or not the various body types both need different macro-nutrient amounts, which means protein, carbs, and fat will vary from person to person.

Do not think all fat is healthy fat or that all fat is the same because that is certainly not the case.Saturated fat is bad but necessary. Good fats are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. You will always see these fats together, but you want way more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated than saturated.

For example, when looking at peanut butter you will see all three fats, but you will find that saturated is nowhere near as dominant as the other fats. The same goes for all other sources of fat such as nuts, salmon, and cottage cheese.

Just about everyone wants to either look younger, feel younger, or feel and look younger at the same time. The truth of the matter is that just about everyone is on the wrong track, which really becomes apparent when looking and feeling young become separate things altogether.

Both looking and feeling young are always going to work hand-in-hand with one another because the path to achieving both come from making consistently healthy lifestyle choices.



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